Portobello apartments | offices

PORTOBELLO | Completion of the building



  • for flats and offices - cement screed on soundproofing pad against impact noise
  • for balconies - granite tiles


  • facade walls and walls between individual properties - Wienerberger's Porotherm 25N + F Masonry, Masonry Colored Plaster, White Latex. From outside facade wall -10 cm wool, vapor barrier, air layer, granite of construction-suspended ventilated facade;
  • Interior walls - Wienerberger 12 N + F, Machine plaster, Colors, white latex;


  • Machine plaster, Colored latex;

Sanitary facilities:

  • ceiling - machine plaster, waterproof latex;
  • walls - machine plaster;
  • flooring - cement screed

Parking spaces:

  • ceiling - latex;
  • walls - latex;
  • under-ground concrete;


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Built-in pipe lines for individual gas heating, including aluminum radiators without a boiler.

In the daily built-in pipe connections for air conditioning, split system.

Vertical chimneys for ventilation and fresh air of boilers made of stainless material. In sanitary rooms- ventilated ventilation systems installed without fans. > Water supply and sewerage

Water supply

Plugged polypropylene tubes without mounted sanitary equipment. Water measurement with water meters with remote sensing capability.


Vertical thick- Deviations for each property ending at a plug in the vertical riser;


Built-in system of drains, drainage grids, and rainwater pipes.

Conduction of boiler condensation and air conditioning hidden in the walls .

Electrical installations

Supply of flats, offices and workshops at the entrance of the building. Cables in PVC pipes, located in a slit in the walls. Schneider Electric flat panels, complete with fuses and earth leakage protection. Mounted switches and Schneider electric contacts

Phone installation from a lightweight cabinet in the block.

Bell-installation installation-intercom installations electric lock on the entrance.

Intercom headset in the flat-panel apartment with intercom speaker and bell buttons.